What is true enlightenment?

Perhaps it’s not so simple. The quest for enlightenment:

Scientific American

Is There a Thing, or a Relationship between Things, at the Bottom of Things?

Quantum mechanics inspires us to speculate that interactions between entities, not entities in themselves, are fundamental to reality

Go Ask Carl

“I think he’ll know. When logic and proportion …”


Mind-Body Problems

Never heard of it before.

What I am talking about here is, at least in my own case, a tendency to “over-engineer” the solutions to problems and seek a complex answer when a simple answer will do.

Right now, I am finishing up the TalantCell YB1203000 battery experiments and state of charge circuit conversion.

My original analysis, (which persisted for a long time), was that the circuit would require extensive modification to do what we wanted.

Eventually, when I discovered exactly what was happening, (and yes, it was simpler than I thought), it ended up being a trivial component change of three resistors from one standard value to another.


It has been my understanding that many engineering people, and that includes many programmers, seem to seek complex solutions

I am trying to push-back at the seeming unconscious desire for clever complexity.

Complex is always more difficult to maintain, upgrade, modify, or adapt.

My cannonical example from the GoPiGo is nipple.js.

It’s supposed to take a mouse’s motion and convert it into joystick motion. It consists of several closely packed pages of code that neither I nor Nicole can make heads-or-tails of.

IMHO, it could be simpler. Once I understand what’s going on, I will try to both generalize it, and make it simpler to use.


The holy grail of AI; The question of religion, philosophy, and the Matrix.

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She’s right, you are a bit bent about your 'bot’s batteries.

“Nexium, the little purple pill. . . .”