What version of Raspbian is Raspbian for Robots built off of?

uname -a gives me a Dex 4.4.50+ (as best I can remember… I’m at work right now).

Does this correspond to Jesse? Wheezy? Something else? Or is this question a no-op?

Am having issues getting wlan0 to get an IP address, and while I"m fairly conversant in the underlying linux OS; want to know more specifically the raspbian I’m dealing with so I can do better searches to figure this out.

Many thanks!

Are you using DexterOS or Raspbian for Robots? Where did you download the image from?

Also, @ottodelupe can you help me understand the issue you’re having with the IP address?

Thank you for the response.

Am using Raspbian for Robots. Image came from the SD card that was included in the starter kit.

I was asking what the underlying Raspbian version was to help me in aligning similar reports on Pi forums. Wanted to be sure I was looking at reports for the same Raspbian version I was using and not waste my time on other versions.

I finally (just this AM) got it on its feet. I’m not sure why, but if I put the wpa-essid and wpa-psk entries in /etc/network/interfaces - and remove the call to wpa_conf; then all comes up correctly. For all I know my wpa_supplicant.conf file has an error; and taking it out of the picture clears things up.

I’m at work right now, but I’ll try to post a copy of the interfaces file that got it working for me.