Where are the lesson programs for the dIMU?

Where are the lesson programs for the dIMU that are referred to in the text “Hands On Physics with LEGO Mindstorms NXT?”

You can imagine how excited I was as a high school teacher of physics AND robotics teacher when I found your dIMU sensor and companion text Hands-On Physics with LEGO Mindstorms. So I bought the Kindle version of your book and the sensor. Now I want to use it. The activities in the text have you download the programs specific to that activity, with details given in Appendix 4. But there is no Appendix 4 in the Kindle book. I have searched your website for downloads for the activities, but nothing. Of course, I can write programs from scratch using the vi’s, but the text doesn’t have the details needed (no flow charts, etc) and the screen shots don’t show the detail necessary …and I’m short of my own time (I’m a teacher, after all!). Please help - either a link to where I can download the lessons or just email them to me. Thanks!

PS. I originally posted this to your “Yell At Us” contact webpage, then decided to register at your forums where you probably want these general interest inquiries to go. Sorry for the double-posting.

Hey benmcl, thanks for posting here!

Here’s the link to the download, below. I really appreciate your bringing this up, we need a better place to put these. I’ll put it on the main download page so folks can find it easier.

I would love to hear more about your experience with the book. Please let us know!

Dear, Mr. JohnC.

Excuse me sir, few days ago I got the book “Hands On Physics with LEGO Mindstorms NXT?” from my teacher and my teacher is assigning me to do two of the project from the book, the project are project 4 and project 7. I am wondering where I can get the project’s programs, because the link “http://www.dexterindustries.com/files/dIMU_EXAMPLES.zip1” that is given on the book and also on the message you send on Feb '14 it is not access able anymore. Is there any other way to access the program?
Please respond.
I’m sorry if anything I said might have been displeasing.
Thank you.

Sincerely, Michael Hartono.

Hey Michael, thanks for brining this up! The link changed, we are now hosting these files on github here.. I have updated the link above as well!