Where can I find NXT Chuck Library (NXC)? Please help!

My friend gave me two (old) NXT Chuck boards but I could not find the download page from Dexter’s. I also have read a post on NXT Chuck (in the Controller for Lego section) where John generously provided the links to download the library software. However, the links are broken now. I need the library at least for the NXC programming language I use now for my Lego NXT.


I know nothing about NXT or Wii Chucks or BrickPi, but looking on github for nxtchuck led me to:

With README that says:

Historical Archive of Older Firmwares We’re keeping this around for posterity.

If you’re here you’re either a curious hacker or you’re lost. Probably lost though . . .

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. . . and if I remember correctly, there is a whole section on NXT sketches that had some interesting stuff in it.

Though like @cyclicalobsessive, I don’t use that platform, so I can’t tell you how useful any of that might be.

In any event, keep exploring and let us know what you discover. We can really use a NXT “expert” here!

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What were the links you had? I might be able to infer their new place from the old link.

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I found some information (old) here:

But the links are broken and I could not download the files.

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I checked everywhere. Those files pre-date me by quite a few years. I fear they have been lost forever.
Sorry. I truly wish I had better news.


A bit of back-story:

Just before the scourge that is the Coronavirus wrecked havoc, Dexter Industries was bought by Modular Robotics, the company that makes “cubelets”. This was about six months, maybe a year earlier.

Now, if you’ve ever been part of a, (ahem!), “merger of equals”, you will know that some “equals” are more equal than others.

So it was here.

Like the Borg, Modular Robotics assimilated Dexter Industries and some things tended to “get lost in the sauce” as it were.

Just about the time that had settled down, the Coronavirus hit - a Fuster-Cluck of the first magnitude - and everything went to hell in a handbasket.

Unfortunately, in all the confusion some of the very oldest documentation was misplaced, and perhaps lost forever. (Though, maybe not.)

Everyone is looking to either find, or recreate, the missing files.

Sorry, but that’s the way it is sometimes.

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Honestly, while your back story is accurate, I think those files were lost even before the merger.


Ok, I got a little education on non-LEGO NXT-G blocks, and now understand what is missing. Sorry for the confusion.

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I don’t know if this will be the best version, but I think I found what you are looking for on the Google Wayback archive on June 11, 2013:


There is a manual in the archive:


The last date the code appears in the wayback machine is June 25, 2014.


Thank you very much. This is what I looked for. Solved my problem. Again, thanks.


Maybe this is a Golden Opportunity to grab this stuff back, (and stuff it into GitHub?), just in case it disappears again, 'eh?

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