Where To Get Each OS (DexterOS, Raspbian For Robots, GoPiGo3 ROS Ubuntu)

There are three main choices for an operating system to use with DI/ModRobotics products:

  1. DexterOS: https://www.dexterindustries.com/download/dexteros

  2. Raspbian For Robots (R4R): https://sourceforge.net/projects/dexter-raspbian-for-robots/files/
    a) Stretch Based (Not for Pi4)
    b) Buster Based “Experimental” (For Pi4 and Pi3)

  3. GoPiGo3_Ubuntu18.4_ROS_Melodic (Available on same site as R4R)

Note: A GoPiGo3 ROS node can be built over Raspbian For Robots by the user, or is available pre-built over Ubuntu.

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Yeah, I wish I’d known about the pre-built Ubuntu-Melodic. But I’m sure doing it myself was character building. :robot:

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