Which GPIOs on RPI / RPI2 are used by GoPiGo?

Hi all,

I plan to integrate a NFC reader module to GoPiGo, so I need to know which GPIOs on RPI / RPI2 are already occupied by GoPiGo.
As far as I know, the NFC reader module requires the following PINs:
3.3V, #25, #24, #23, #18, GND

Any conflict?
Thanks for you time.

Karan would let you know, but as far as I know, only the I2C pins are used. If you figure out how to get physical access to those pins, I think you’re fine.
(I’m not a hardware person, sorry)

It looks like the module you have uses SPI for communications, looks like it uses Pin24 which is CE0 and is connected to the GrovePi reset line and can accidentally reset the GrovePi. Can you send me a link to the module that you are trying to use. I’ll check out if it’s compatible with GrovePi.


Hi Karen,

Here is the link:

any workaround? eg. we disable the reset feature on gopigo and reset it by unplug power?


Hi James,
This NFC shield might be a bit tricky to use with SPI. The same shield has jumper which should let you control it via I2C or UART http://blog.jongallant.com/2014/11/raspberrypi-libnfc-pn532-nfc-shield.html which would work well with the GoPiGo.