Which port should I use to connect sensor?


I have a GoPiGo V2 and bought several sensors.

Sound sensor works with port A1.
Light sensor doesn’t work in port A1 and SERIAL.

So I have questions about which port should I use for below sensors:
Light sensor
Motion sensor
Grove Button Sensor
Grove Buzzer




I’m working on compiling a list. I need a bit of time to confirm I have all the right information.


Hi, Cleo,

Thanks for your quick reply, I was surprised to get reply during weekend. The same thing happened on this forum, I guess that you guys must love this job:)




I just know the feeling of finally getting to the weekend to work on a project, and being stopped by some challenge or other, and having to wait a week before you can try again. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I have so far, but it hasn’t been checked and double checked yet. I’m fairly certain that what’s on it works, but it’s possible there are more options than what’s here.