Which programming languages?

I’m curious about which programming languages everyone is using on their Raspberry Pi.

There are currently Python and Go libraries for the GrovePi.

Who uses C/C++, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java, Erlang, Bash, Fortran, Lisp, Assembly etc?

c/c++, ruby, python (unfortunately)

Why “unfortunately”? Those are great languages!

I’m using Node.js + Python for a project which involves the GrovePI.

Node.js communicates with the Python script through a socket. The Python script returns JSON data and then the result is stored inside a MongoDB Collection.

[OT] BTW I’m having weird issues with IOErrors after several hours of probing from the sensors. I need to power off/on the RPi to get the GrovePI back to work :frowning:

FYI: Yesterday I started the porting of the grovePi Python library in Node.js, I’ll update you as soon as I reach a stable point :slight_smile:

Hey guys … so, here we are. This is the result of the first implemented method: the version getter :slight_smile: and … it works!! In these days I’ll continue the porting for the other functions. I’ll keep you updated.

Great to see that you are making progress with the Node.js library. Send us a pull request on Github we the code looks good. We would be excited to share it with rest of the community too.