Which version firmware is currently flashed

Is it possible to echo out the version number of the currently flashed firmware on the Grovepi.


Hi Ian,
In the firmware folder in the GrovePi directory, there is a files called “version.txt”. If the files has 1.1 in it then you have the new version with you, if you don’t have the file then you are probably on the previous version.

We have released only one version update as of now. So I’ll suggest you to update your local repository and to get the new python library and run the update_firmware.sh to update the firmware on the GrovePi too.

You can always check the forums to see if a new firmware update is available or run the new_fw_search.sh to automatically check if a new firmware is available or not.


Hi Karan,
So when I got the grovepi I cloned the git repository and installed the python modules but I did not flash anything that I know of (no bridging of solder pads).

So my GrovePi directory version.txt says 1.1 but that’s the master from git, but that is what I would expect from master ? I don’t see how that relates to what came flashed on the board from factory when I have not bridged the solder pads as per flash instructions.

Is there a command line function to get the version from the board



Hi Ian,
Unfortunately we did not add any unique Identifier in the firmware to identify the firmware version,so there’s no command to check the version of the firmware. We will add unique markers from the next firmware onwards and try to figure out some way to detect the current firmware version.

The major changes in the new firmware are addition of DHT sensor and the Ultrasonic sensor. If those sensors do not work with your GrovePi, then you have the old firmware.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Karan,
Thanks for the reply.
I liked the idea of Grovepi due to no soldering. I don’t own a solder iron and I have 0 soldering skills so the Grovepi firmware update process is not what I want to be doing. It’s probably cheaper for me to buy a new Grovepi flashed with firmware 1.1.

Are all Grovepi boards now shipped with firmware version 1.1

Cheers, Ian.