Why do files have to be locked down in Raspbian for Robots?

Hello, as anyone who as done much with Raspbian for Robots knows, is that the robot files (GopiGo files for example) are heavily locked down by the system. Why is that? Couldn’t those restrictions be lifted? The are kinda a pain.

I think @ikhouder would also agree with me.
Thread about trying to workaround those restrictions.

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Hi @graykevinb,

Do you mean the Dexter files being write protected? If that is your question, then the answer is yes, because we would not want people to make changes to our files. Many a times we have noticed that people build their projects on our files and latter loose their work on DI update. As a step to encourage people to copy our examples to their working directory and modify it there, we have made the files write protected so that people do not loose their data on DI update.



@Shoban has the right answer here. DI Update will erase all of those files and you will lose your work if you simply write into the Dexter files.
That would be a bigger pain for many!

Makes sense. It is just a pain sometimes.