Why I like robotics and the GoPiGo

I was re-reading the thread on killer-bots and nitro-methane infused monsters, and it got me thinking. . .

Within the context of the GoPiGo, I find my experiments in coding, hardware, etc., to be quiet interesting and fulfilling.


Within the context of my goals, (have fun and learn something), the GoPiGo meets my needs wonderfully.

  • I get to have fun, and maybe contribute something.

  • I get to watch others, especially the ROS research, and learn a lot from there.

  • I get to interact with a bunch of nice people who share my interests.

  • I have several 'bots, including a micro:bit 'bot from SparkFun. The SparkFun bot doesn’t impress me much as it looks like what it is: A bunch of snap-together pieces.

  • The GoPiGo, on the other hand, looks like a real 'bot, and it can be modified as you wish.

In my own case, I may never get as far as programming in ROS, as GoPiGo O/S and R4R is difficult enough to keep me engaged.

However, I like reading about your efforts as it helps improve my own ideas about how to do things.

A Jetson Nano on the GoPiGo? Maybe, just for the heck of it, but I don’t see that becoming a major project any time soon - there’s still too much for me to learn with what I have.

As @cyclicalobsessive once said, it’s all about having fun and learning. And that is something the Dexter 'bots do admirably well.

What say ye?

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I agree with every one of your points (although my particular collection of robots is different). The GoPiGo3 is a good platform for learning and tinkering, and the forums have been a good community.

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