Why I switched to Stock Raspbian

Continuing the discussion from Cinch Setup Script Invalid, and How I fixed it:

OK, so I recently decided to go with just stock Raspbian, and so far my experience has been great. The setup for my Brickpi was crazy easy. But why Raspbian? Well the real question is why Raspbian for Robots? The dexter industries take on Raspbian is great, however for my current project I don’t need to connect through WiFi since my robot is stationary. Currently I’m just using ssh, and will use a crossover connection for the fair, only if necessary in case of major error! Relying on cinch is just too risky, Ethernet is more reliable. How do I explain wifi issues to the judge? Note this has nothing to do with my failure with cinch, that was “my” fault. I just decided since I blew everything up, well I’d switch to Raspbian because I wanted to, and I had to redo the sdcard! Guys take my advice don’t setup WiFi stuff on vnc, learn from idiots like me. :wink:

Reason number two, there is just tons of unnecessary stuff. For example why is there a WiFi setup program? Raspbian already has that. When I tried to delete some stuff like gopigo files for example, core files for di_update was needed, like images. The issue is if an image disappears, the update wouldn’t exit properly. There’s also a bug that I keep forgetting to post on github.

Also the software was changed, it shipped without Minecraft, wolfram, chromium, realvnc, etc. Though I’m guessing that’s because Dexter Ind doesn’t want to get sued. Though you can download them.

Its not that Raspbian for robots is bad, it is great if you want out of the box complex WiFi setups, however for this exact case, I don’t need it. If I build a mobile robot and will take outside of my home’s WiFi, then I switch to cinch.

It’s really a matter of what you need, both has there cons and pros.