Wifi Installation


I have proble4ms with my wifi dongle that gives no connection.
It is the ralink Technology,Corp RT5370 Wireless Adapter.
I search google for an answer but i could not find it.
Is there somebody that knows what driver I need to solve this problem ?


Hey Input, this doesn’t look like it was bought from our store, was it? Can you contact the company you bought it from?

Thanks for the reply john.
I solved the problem with i think the wicd network manager.
But I have also another question about the example robot_basic.py
I have a connection with the power adapter because with the battery’s from maxwell i can’t connect remotely.
But the robot go very slow by pressing the buttons like w,a,s,t etc. when its run the weels almost stop.
Do you also know what this problem can be ?
And i live in the Netherlands can i also order by dexter industries from out the Netherlands ?


I have a connection with the power adapter because with the battery’s from maxwell i can’t connect remotely.

I don’t understand what you’re asking here. What batteries from Maxwell are you referring to?

I mean that i bought cheap battery’s from the brand Maxwell.
Do you know which brand of battery’s are good to use ?


Do you have a voltmeter? C an you read the voltage on the 8XAA battery pack?

No I do not have a voltmeter. But which battrey’s are you recommend ?


We recommend rechargeable batteries. You can find them very cheaply on Amazon:
http://amzn.to/1EcMmRH (The Charger)
http://amzn.to/1EcMssr (The Batteries)

Hello john,
How come that on youtube from dexter industries with the basic_robot.py is going so fast on the video but by me at home it is going so slow.

Hey input, I would think it has to do either with the speed setting on your robot (you can increase it with keystrokes) or with the voltage of you battery. If the battery is low, the motors won’t spin as fast.

He john,
Thanks for the reply. On this moment i do not use battery’s but i use the poweradapter. Maybe that the poweradapter not gives anough power to speed the weels.
Well tomorrow i am going to buy a set of good battery’s and i hope things are better than.


By power adapter, are you powering it with USB only and trying to run the wheels off this? This is a great way to burn out the GoPiGo board, highly NOT recommended to run the whole thing off USB on the Pi.

Oke john i will set the power off then.