WIFI issues with 2 different networks

Im trying to set up a GoPiGo2 through a school network. My laptop is on a secure network that the pi can’t connect to. A solution I tried was a dedicated router from my laptop to the pi. I can’t get the pi ip address even if I direct wire it to the lap top. Any advice?

Let me get this straight. Your school network is heavily protected so your GoPiGo can’t connect to it (many schools are like that!) So you brought in your own router and you have the GoPiGo physically connected to this router via an Ethernet cable. You also have your laptop connected via Wifi to that router. Is that right? I’m just trying to understand your setup. If I understood it properly and this is indeed what you have, you have a few options.

Router setup:
The router comes with software that will let you know what’s connected to it. You may or may not have the manual on how to access it.

The other option is to install Fing on a cell phone, connect the cell to the router. Fing will let you know what’s connected. We have a tutorial here

if you have iTunes on your PC, or if you use a MAC, you should be able to ping the GoPiGo. Open a terminal window on a Mac, or CMD on a PC and type in
ping dex.local
ping dex
That will give you the Ethernet IP for the GoPiGo.

Now, after having said all of the above, if your GoPiGo and your laptop are on the same router, you should be able to VNC directly into the GoPiGo without using the IP address.

I got the router wifi issue solved. Thanks. I had to switch out several SD cards and wifi dongles to get them to run. I had to find SD cards thats worked. I bought a class set of 10 and three of the SD cards I couldn’t get to work

I also just had to type ping dex. to get ip address not dex.local

Hi @charlesrichardson,

Glad that we were able to help you out, thanks for reaching out to us.


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