Wifi light off Raspberry pi4


I got the gopigo 3, built it with a raspberry Pi4 model B.
When I turn the gopigo on, the green light keeps flashing and the wifi light never turns on.
In the bundle I bought, a raspberry 3 was included but can it works with the pi4 model b?
Also there was no wifi dongle in the kit but in the workbook build your gopigo stage 2, it is mentionned

  1. Insert the Wifi Dongle into any USB port at the end of the Raspberry Pi (not needed if you have a Raspberry Pi 3) .

is it the same with the pi4?


We don’t yet support the Raspberry Pi 4, so I recommend that you use the RPi3.

If you need to use RPi4, probably your best option would be to boot with Raspbian Buster, and then run the GoPiGo3 installation on it. Until the RPi4 is fully supported, you won’t be able to boot DexterOS on a RPi4.

The RPi4 has built in WiFi, similar to the RPi3.

Due to the increased power requirements and significantly higher running temperatures, the RPi4 is not recommended for Dexter Industries robots, especially when powered by battery. However, there is a RPi4 firmware update (not yet officially released) that decreases the RPi4 power consumption by about 10%, bringing it down to a more manageable level.

Thanks for your quick response!

I am gonna try it with Rasbian buster or do you have any idea of the delay for the update of dexter OS?
The shame is that I gave my raspberry pi 3 to my sister for her to try but I am now 2000km away from her… anyway I will make it!

We don’t have a timeline yet for when DexterOS will support RPi4. There are several things that need to happen before the RPi4 will be supported; one of which is for the RPi foundation to officially release the updated RPi4 firmware.

Note that GPG3 support on Buster and RPi4 is not official or complete yet. I know GPG3 firmware updates won’t work when you’re using a RPi4 (compatible with RPi3 running Buster, but not yet RPi4).

Even when RPi4 is fully supported, I would still recommend RPi3 for most applications. The additional features and processing power of the RPi4 come at significant power requirement increases. Unless you specifically need the extra features of RPi4, RPi3 will do much better in a battery powered application.

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