Wifi Setup issue - please help

I am having trouble setting up initial wifi. I have pinged the raspberry pi, no errors, I have connected to dex.local and chosen the vnc option. I get the same screen as in the help videos on dexterindustries website, but I cannot double click the icons as I see as the instructor is doing in the video. I have been able to do everything else as done in the video perfectly, except download bonjour, but I have an updated Itunes, so I don’t think that is the issue, but just in case. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Hi matth,
Do you have a touch screen computer where you are trying this out. We have seen that the VNC in the browser works with touch rather than click on a touchscreen computer. Can you try this on another browser and a different computer and see if the problem goes away.


Hey matth, can you try this on a Firefox browser? We have seen issues where Chrome and IE have trouble. karan references one of them: f you have certain touch screen drivers installed on your computer, you can have trouble clicking or moving icons on the screen. If you switch to Firefox, this should not be a problem.