Wifi Setup Issues

I am trying to connect to the GoPiGo2 by following this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9Hcq81A8dc. No networks came up when I scanned to connect to the wifi dongle.GoPiGo%20network%20error

Hi @chfol2,

I would advise you to use the latest version of Raspbian For Robots. And I suppose you want to connect to your Pi over the WiFi.

First, please tell us if you’re using a Pi3 or Pi3 B+. Older models don’t have that and for this matter, you need a WiFi adapter - if this is the case, then connect the dongle to your Raspberry Pi. Having said that, the next step, just like in the video you shared with us, is to hit scan and connect to the network.

If for some reason you don’t see anything showing up, that may be because you only have 5Ghz APs around. Basically, your WiFi has to be working on 2.4Ghz.

Thank you!

I am using a Pi 3 Model B and I am using the dongle.

Hi @chfol2

Pi 3 model has internal wifi suggest to set static ip to ur pi
As well install latest raspbian for robots

How ?