Wifi switch off auto on GPG 3

Hi, we have bought recently a GoPiGo Base Kit.

We are trying to use a RaspBerry 2 with our GoPiGo 3 and two Wireless USB Adapter: one for our Raspi and another for our computer.

When we switch on RasPi with the GoPiGo 3 , we notice that WiFi is detected on the computer but, immediately, the WiFi switch off. We have enough time to do a “ping dex.local” and it works well but we haven’t enough time to visit mygopigo.com because the Wifi switch off before.

The thing is that we have an older GoPiGo (version 2) and it works properly. With GoPiGo 2 we can visit and do tasks on mygopigo.com.

When we try to work with our GoPiGo 2, we use the same SD Card and the same RasPi than when we use our GoPiGo 3.

Besides, when our GoPiGo 3 is switch on, we can see a green led on next to the power button but we have never seen the WiFi led on in GoPiGo 3.

In addition to this, we have another GoPiGo 3 and we have never seen the power led on as well as Wifi led.

Another point is that we load DexterOS on our SD Card.

Is it possible that our two GoPiGo 3 were broken?
Could we run some commands on DexterOS to fix the problem with WiFi?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the Raspberry Pi boards stand-alone - that is, not connected to any other accessories or parts except for keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power?

Jim “JR”

We think that yes, the Raspberry pi boards stand alone work good, the thing is that when we connect the GoPiGo to the Raspberry it loses the wi-fi conection.

Even so tomorrow we’ll try it again (Raspberry Pi stand-alone).

Another thing you can try is to make sure that the GoPiGo board is installed properly.

  • Is the connector aligned properly with the pins on the Pi?
  • Are any of the pins bent?
  • Have you tried the Pi with only the GoPiGo board installed - with nothing but the batteries plugged in?

Jim “JR”