Windows 10 IoT C# library

So following the same footsteps of what we did with the GrovePi, I started a library for the GoPiGo with Windows 10 IoT. it’s just a proof of concept…but like the first version of the GrovePi c# library it is returning a version number of


@robsonj if you want to work on this library as well, if you have time, that would be awesome!

Hey Exadon,
I am very excited to see that you guys have started working on the C# library for the GoPiGo.

The firmware and software library works almost the same as the GrovePi. The firmware version might be a bit different here. It should report something like 1.2. You can find the implementation here: . To try it just run the and give it a ‘f’ command.

Let us know how it goes and keep up the great work.

Thanks again,

Sounds good. I will need to plug in my raspberry pi image again to update the firmware anyway.

the library now controls :

Forward, Backward, left, Rotate Left, Right, Rotate Right, Increase Speed, Decrease Speed, stop, as well as returning a voltage reading from the battery.

Seems to be going smoothly so far.

@Karan question about the Grove Ultra Sonic Sensor, is this sensor different than the GoPiGo ultra sonic sensor?

I ask because I was testing my Grove Ultra Sonic Sensor on port A1 and was not getting a reading.

Were you sending the pin as 15 or A1 only. I think it might only work when you send 15 instead of A1.


@Karan and/or mods : do you mind updating the title of this post? Typo of ‘library’

Update: we now have several hackster tutorials using the GoPiGo Win 10 library

Also added the GoPiGo to a nuget package here

and moved my personal GoPiGo GitHub projects here. These projects include a Client/Server project where you can control your GoPiGo over your LAN.

Just updated the library.

Thanks again for the updates and the links.


I’m having trouble running the GoPiGo GitHub project in Visual Studio 2015 - projects fail to load with message ‘update required’, directing to a MSFT - downloads page, unclear what to download.

I suspect it may be related to this issue, not sure though…? -

Any help or thoughts on possible solution would be great! Would love to get this working, looks like a cool project :smiley:

I have my GoPiGo assembled and raspberry pi setup with win10 IoT with VS 2015