Wireless connection methods


I’m an university student in Japan.
I hope you will excuse my poor English.

I have and use MINDSTORMS EV3 to do various experiments.
Now, I need wireless connection between EV3 and Windows PC by other methods than Bluetooth and Wifi.

I found that the previous product, NXT was able to establish connection by XBee.
In case of EV3, it doesn’t have such ability; however, I think that intervention of Arduino might make EV3 able to establish the XBee connection.
I also have Arduino UNO, so I’ve bought your Breadboard Adapter and tried the tutorial,“Connecting the EV3 and the Arduino”.
It’s gone well, but I don’t know how to remove a USB cable still existing between EV3 and PC.

Do you have any idea?
I would be glad if there is some kind of good method for that.


I recommend you search Google and look on other forums that are specifically for EV3 related questions.