Wiringpi not used?

Where in the source code (python software) is wiringpi used? I can’t find any import of it so curious as to why it has to install.


WiringPi has a couple of utilities, like the GPIO access, I2C access, SPI access. There is more infor here. We use these indirectly with the GrovePi. Like the GPIO access is used to reset the GrovePi and SPI to upload firmware to it.

Thanks Karan, I was digging around as I was looking for the best solution to my problem I’ve posted here:


Its good to understand how these things work and not just become a user of them.

I can see avrdude is used to program the m328 from the Pi. Still can’t see where wiringpi is used though…


@tom.a.broughton: the libraries in the wiring pi utility expose all the low level functionality which can be used to access things like the GPIO, PWM or SPI easily. Basically it is a interface between the low level linux specific libraries to access the hardware and the high level python code.

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