Working with GoPiGo3 from inside a python program running on ubuntu laptop

We are trying to use GoPiGo3 for prototyping a robotic product for children that we are building at our early stage startup. The key challenge I am facing is how can we make GoPiGo work alongside another system (e.g. my ubuntu 16.04 laptop). To be specific, I would like a program A running on my ubuntu laptop to access sensor data from GoPiGo3, perform some computation on that laptop (not on the GoPiGo3 hardware) and then instruct GoPiGo3 to run another program B on the GoPiGo3 hardware. I purchased this kit a few days ago and played with DexterOS and all I can do is via the browser which does not solve my problem. The options via Raspbian and Cinch are also not clear. Please help.

Hi @sudhir1,

I think you may be interested in using a message broker for this use case:

If there are any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!

Thanks @RobertLucian for a prompt response! I will experiment with RabbitMQ. Is there an example code with RabbitMQ in the GoPiGo3 library with DexterOS/Raspbian or alternatives?

I think you have the type of application that would require Raspbian for Robots.
In short:
DexterOS: very controlled environment, no Internet access, no communications with outside devices
Cinch: less controlled, no internet access, potential comms (doable)
Raspbian for Robots: completely open, you can do anything, but you need to be knowledgeable in how to connect to the robot. You can definitely talk to other devices.