Worm brain in robot

I am in the process of trying to build a more life like worm and add the worm brain program for the GoPiGp GoPiGoConnectome.py. I am using a RPi with BrickPi to build the physical robot. The worm head has omni directional wheels so that the worm head can move in anyway and any direction see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVAuaDbtAbA&feature=youtu.be

Does anyone here have any experience with the worm brain project? and can help wiht any mods that I need to do with the code to make it work on RPi

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This is a fantastic project Shane, thanks for posting this! If you are going to dive deep on the code of the worm brain, I would recommend contacting the Connectome project. They’re the experts! And they’re really enthusiastic about this stuff, I’m sure they’d love to help.

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Is this where I will find the authors of the program?
Written by Timothy Busbice, Gabriel Garrett, Geoffrey Churchill © 2014, in Python 2.7

I believe so. Tim was the person we talked to about it!

I have since contacted Tim and he seemed interested in what I was doing and provided a little advice mind by the adive he provided he seemed to assume that I understand how a connectome works, ha ha ha. So it seems that I probaby have a bit of reading to do to understand how the brain works.

But for sure I could take his worm brain and create a better robot to put his worm brain into. :slight_smile:

Seems like a cool project! I’d love to see it!