WS2811 or FastLED

Just got my nifty new GrovePi+ starter kit.
I’ve been happily building pretty things out of Arduinos, the FastLED libraries, and digitally addressable leds.

The GrovePi has potential, but I’d need to be able to control various digitally addressable led strands through the D ports f the GrovePi.

Is that even possible?

I’ve seen led libraries for Pi, but not sure if they are compatible with GrovePi digital ports, they tend to only allow control over one strand at a time and through custom adapters on the Pi port, which is where my GrovePi now sits.

I’ve wired lots of WS2811B strands to grove plugs to use with arduino, an with the Fast LED libraries they work great. Now how can I use the power of the Pi?

I have a couple of ideas. One would be to check out the ArudinoBerry instead of the GrovePi this will allow you to connect the WS2811/WS2812 to the arduino but still controlling it with the Pi.

It sounds like you may have looked into this but Adafruit has written about NeoPixles and the Pi at:

If you really wanted to do it though the Grove system what about using the Protoshield ( then wiring the LEDs to that?