Xboxcontroller simplebot help!

im using the Control wheels individually with xbox 360 controller to try and steer my simplebot with the xboxcontroller but i cant get the cript to work. the works just fine with the commands and it responds to my controller. The problem is that the robot dont do anything with the commands the controller is sending. please help

So which robot are you using? I’m assuming brickpi because you said simplebot. The reason the robot isn’t turning is because The script is for the gopigo not brickpi. You’ll need to modify the script to make it work.

hello @graykevinb
i have done it multiple times. now i get the error

init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘controllerCallback’ on my xboxCont = xboxController.XboxController(controllerCallback = MyCallback)

Look at the library docs and find out what argumsnts can be put in. It could be you just misspelled it or something. Your putting in an invalid argument as the error says. If you think its a bug I would create an issue on github on the Xbox controller repository.