Yet again a motor stopped working[SOLVED]

I was using my gopigo and yet again a motor stopped working! It did the same thing that happened last time. It stopped working and it started to work again and then it went out for good. I don’t want a new motor because I still have an extra from the last time I was shipped a new set of motors. It would be really nice if I wasn’t required to replace a motor every other week just to use my gopigo. I hope you guys can figure out how to make the motors work longer than two weeks because on a scale of 1 to 10 I’m 15 for being frustrated right now.

I am really sorry for the problems that you have been facing with the motors. We have seen very few motors dying so I am not really sure what exactly is going on. Can you send us a few pictures of your current setup and the GoPiGo board and a few pictures of the batteries too. I’ll just double-check them and make sure that there is no big defect in that. Also, can you tell us a bit about what kind of surface you drive the GoPiGo on and what the problem looks like. Are the motors just dead or do they make some kind of noise. And did the motors suddenly die or was there some kind of problem that you had noticed before they died.

Again, I am really sorry about the bad experience and we would really like to get to the bottom of the problem and make sure that it does not happen again.


I haven’t really checked to see if the dead motor makes noise or not but I don’t think it does. I drive the gopigo on carpet or linoleum floors. The motor didn’t suddenly die it stop working and then I wiggled the wires a little to make sure there was a good connection. Then it started to work for about 30 seconds and then completely stopped working and wouldn’t work again. I’ll put the pictures below.

Hi @Ryan, I just wanted to chime in here with @karan and apologize about the motors. They should be holding up, so we’re not really clear what the problem could be. Your first experience, wigglingthe motor connection, indicates there may be something wrong with the connection. Did you notice any heat on the motors or any grinding sound? It sounds like they’re simply not turning on (are they running and making noise while the motors don’t move?).

Are you running example programs from us or are you writing your own programs? Could you be having some violent back and forth with the motors?

I’m really sorry for wasting your time but when I started using it again to see if the motor made noise or not both motors worked. again I’m really sorry for wasting your time.

Well I just put it on the floor to use it and the motor stopped working again. It didn’t make any noise though. I’m using the example programs. The motor wasn’t hot at all, and there was no grinding noise.

I just figured it out the black motor wire has to be in just the right place for the motor to work. That is what happened last time I think too because the black motor wire from the last motor was really loose.

Hi @Ryan,

Glad that the motors work for you, just to confirm you feel the soldering of the wires with the motor has to be better is it? If that was the problem, then we will look into it.


Yeah I think the wires don’t have a strong enough bond to the contact points, and over time they get weaker and weaker until they finally break. Both motors that the wires broke on the break was beneath the heat shrink tubing at the base of the motor.

Hi @Ryan,

Thanks for your feedback, we will look into this and try to improve.


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