Adhoc Network

I intend on starting a project with a brickpi in the next few weeks. However I just wanted to confirm that it’s possible to have a wifi direct or adhoc connection with it before I splashed out on it. I know it will likely be more complicated to establish however I don’t mind that. Thanks!

Hey Mrblonde,

Indeed, it’s totally possible! So far I think, from what I’ve read, it depends on your wifi adapter. The ones we ship with the DI starter kits are able to handle and setup an ad hoc network, but I haven’t tested if the software package on our image can or can’t.

But yes, this won’t mess anything up. It’s a really useful way to use the Pi though; can you tell us more about what you’re working on?


It’s for a masters project so I’ll hold it back for now. But I will get back to ye as more progress is made.