Advanced Communication Options not starting

I’ve recently run a software update, and I’m unable to open the Advanced Communication Options. Clicking on the icon produces no results. I’m needing to disable the IR Receiver. Is there any other way to do this? Via command line?

Hi @lucaseubank111,

That’s weird to hear - never had this issue.

Here are a couple of questions:

  • Was the update somehow interrupted?

  • What kind of power supply do you have? If it’s a low-amp one, then data-corruption can happen.

  • What was the version of our Raspbian For Robots image that you’ve started with?

You could type in a terminal (not with SSH, but with the VNC) the following command:

  • gksu python /home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/advanced_communication_options/

After you type this command, please tell us what happens. A screenshot would be really great to see.

Thank you!

Thanks for the speedy reply!

The update was not interrupted. In fact, I ran the update twice to see if that might be it.

Powering with 8 fresh AA batteries.

After typing the command, I have:

xlib: extension “RANDR” missiong on display “:1.0”.

After getting that error, I plugged in to a monitor via HDMI, using mouse and keyboard. Now running the above command gives me no result.

Hi @lucaseubank111,

Seeing xlib: extension “RANDR” missiong on display “:1.0”. is normal - so no need to worry on this one.

Where do you run gksu python /home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/advanced_communication_options/ from?
Is it from inside the VNC or is it on a HDMI monitor/tv?

Because running the script inside the VNC while expecting to see an output on the HDMI is not going to work.
Also, running the script within an SSH session is not going to work.

Can you show us some screenshots/photos? Please, give us as many details as you can, so that we can avoid any confusion.

Thank you!