Arduberry and BrickPi together?[SOLVED]


Can the Arduberry and BrickPi be stacked together?
I’d like to add a few more analog sensors to my BrickPi robot.



Possibly, Yes. On BrickPi there is a little foam glued to the pins, so if you removed it you could physically do it, however I don’t know if having a hat ontop of a hat would mess stuff up. Another option is to get another Pi such as the A.
Then add arduberry on The second Pi and somehow make a robot that can support two pi’s, but that could be a bit overkill. I invited @Matt maybe he’d know more because he’s the dexter industries engineer expert guy. :slight_smile:

Hi @ecervera,

Yes the BrickPi and the ArduBerry can be stacked together like this:

The stacking might be a little incomplete as the ArduBerry might not fit in properly on the BrickPi.

Note: BrickPi uses UART communication with the sensors and hence you should avoid using the Serial Monitor with the ArduBerry, for the BrickPi to work.

Please let us know if this helps,

Thank you very much for the info.
I will order one and give it a try (with a GPIO connector extender) :wink:

Hi @ecervera,

Thanks a lot for your interest on our products. Reach out to us if you need more help.


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