Basic case instructions for Pi B are missing

Where can I find instructions for building the basic case for the Raspberry Pi B? (Or the full 6-sided case, if possible?) says “If you have an older model, we have left the instructions up for you!” and has a link to‎, but that goes to a Not Found page.

Actually, scratch that, I just removed the gook from the end of that URL and works. So consider this a bug report for your page; the link is bad.

However, it looks like my BrickPi did not come with the long posts for assembling the case for a Pi B.

Should it have come with the posts, or are they no longer supplied? Did I order the wrong BrickPi? What should I do to make this case fit a Pi B?

Hey bkendig, I’m looking at your error right now. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’m a little lost on what you’ve got there. Can you post a picture of your case parts that shipped?

I think I see what happened. The current model of the BrickPi comes with a case that only specifically fits the Pi B+ and Pi 2. The listing on Amazon doesn’t note this ( So when I ordered from Amazon, I received the BrickPi board with six acrylic case pieces and a bag of many tiny screws and nuts, along with the BrickPi board and a battery pack and wire. These case pieces apparently don’t fit the Pi B (non-plus), at least according to your instructions - the screw holes on the board are in different places.

I’m guessing that there is only one BrickPi board that works with any Pi, right? So this board will work with my Pi B, if I use it without the case?

Though, the case is rather nice. Maybe I’ll just splurge on a new Pi 2 instead.

Got it. Sorry for the lack of clarity there, I’m going to update the description so no one else can make the same mistake. Again, really sorry about the confusion, I guess we inapropriately assumed that most people had moved to the newer design.

The board will work with your Pi B, yes. Even if you use it without the case.

Hi – I also purchased the BrickPi from amazon:

Is this an older version of what you currently sell? Is the case the only change or is this board different as well? Also, the screws you sent along to mount directly to the Pi are too large for the holes on the Pi, they almost fit but are just too large without forcing it and risking cracking the hole (I have a Pi B+ v 1.2)

as an update – i did the get the mounting screws to work. I used a drill to slowly screw them in.


geekluv, you should be following these directions:

Glad to hear you figured it out.