Battery pack for Brick PI

HI guys
Trying to go mobile with the BrickPi. I have a Brick Pi v2.6. Everything else is set up, I’m running the Pi from my Windows laptop wirelessly. The website says I need the battery with AA x 8. However, the product on sale here at Dexter doesn’t have the correct adapter to plug into Brick Pi that I have. The one for sale here looks like this:
The picture looks like it’s plugged onto the Pi for a start, and I need the male connector as in the picture here:

I’ve tried a 9V battery but it doesn’t power the Pi AND the Brick Pi.

Any ideas? I can’t seem to find what I need locally, I’m in Vietnam!

OK so you have the proper cable to connect the BrickPi to the battery. You just have the wrong battery. I believe that your cable will fit on Dexter Industrie’s battery pack. Could you take the cable of and post a picture of the part that connects the cable to the battery? That way we can see if it will be compatible with Dexter Industrie’s battery.

So consolidated my suggestions are:

Take you cable off the battery and post a picture of the part that connects to the battery even

No I don’t think I do have the proper cable.

I have one of these, which is the correct port for the Brick Pi, but the 9V battery doesn’t power the Pi and the Brick. I need this type of connector with the 8 X AA power pack

Gotcha. I think I may know a solution. I’ll get back to later today.

The 8xAA battery pack included with the BrickPi has that 9v battery style snap connector. That cable with the 9v battery snap connector and barrel jack connector should work with the included battery pack. If you already have the correct cable and you just need a replacement battery pack, this battery pack should work for you (8xAA battery box without cable).

That Amazon battery pack you linked to should work as well.

Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. I am quite sure that I didn’t receive any battery packs with my Brick Pi. I ordered them a while back but all I received was the Brick Pi and a case in a plastic bag. No battery packs. Glad to know it has the snap connector though, so I can order those battery packs in.