Bluetooth Capabilities?

Is it possible for the BrickPi to be controlled via bluetooth rather than over wifi?

I noticed that with the newest SD cards, there is an option to enable bluetooth.

Yes. What kind of control though? I’m not sure if you can use vnc or ssh. Other than remote login its quite possible to control the robot through Bluetooth. That answer your question?

I’ve been using vnc.

You said it’s “quite possible to control the robot through Bluetooth.” How do I do that? My computer doesn’t recognize the BrickPi when I tried to connect them with Bluetooth, so do I need an adapter?

Hey @aewang,
Can you describe a bit more about how you want to connect to the BrickPi with Bluetooth. The Pi3 has Bluetooth which does not work very well right now. It is possible to use a Bluetooth adapter, though you will have to write the software the control the BrickPi via Bluetooth.

Here’s a tutorial by element 14

Not much works out of the box.
Using Bluetooth may not be the easiest method. If you want control from a phone or laptop there are super easy options, such as vnc, ssh, and web apps. I really wouldn’t go Bluetooth unless you have a really good reason too.