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Can you post a picture of your custom wires? That certainly might be a problem; are you sure the motors are working?

The Motors I Ordered Are New And Were Rightly packed And Sealed. So I Suppose The Motors Are Working. Is There Any Way To Check The ?

Here Are The Pictures Of Custom Wires i Made? Does The Pinout Colour Combination Matter ? Does The Same Pinout Be Made On Both Ends Of Wires. ?

Hey Hashim, here is al ink to where you can find moer about the pinout of the lego motors:
You might also check out this diagram:

You can see that M0 and M1 are the white and black lines.

Did you make this yourself, or did you have someone do it for you?

Do you have a voltmeter you can access to troubleshoot your NXT cable?

Yes M0 And M1 Are The White And Black Lines. There Is Telephone Shop Nearby From Which I Got These Cables Made.
Definitely, I have voltmeter and i can troubleshoot NXT cable , But How And What Are The Steps To trouble-shoot?

I would take one of your cables, and cut it. I would then test each of the lines to verify that you’re getting power out of the different lines when you run the Motor Examples.

I would also look at using the voltmeter to test that the pins from the ends are connecting; there should be a continuity tester or resistance checker on your voltmeter,a nd you should check that each line is correctly connected.

Do you know where you can find an example cable, one from lego, and verify that all the pins are lined up correctly?

Hello John,
I Will Do This Troubleshooting ASAP. Does There Seems To Be Any Problem To You Except For The Cables ?
These Connector Cables Are Not Available In The City I Live And All Cities Nearby. I Have To Order Them , It Will Take A Week To Reach Me , No Issues But Is It The Problem ? Or There Can Be Something Else ? I’ll Tell You About All Of My Troubleshooting Results. Thanks Alot For Your Time :slight_smile:

One more way to test this all out to make sure that the motors are putting out power: break out the cable to a breadboard, run the motor example, and measure the voltage output of each conductor. I would recommend doing this as well.