Book-Reader 2

I’m Making the project book reader 2 and cant get to move the motor , i runned the motor test python program and it is running but no output in motors. I really need help regarding it as i have to present this project on friday.
Waiting Anxiously For Positive reply.

Hi Hashim, if we back up for a moment, have you tested the motors on the BrickPi? Have you run the BrickPi Python test for the motors?

Hello John, i connected the brick pi with raspberry pi and the blue leds of brick pi are not glowing up ? how do i check if it is turned on ?

And I Runned The Brick Pi Python Test for motor but motor didnt moved … And Now Your Site Dex.local/ IS Also Not Working ?

The blue lights on the BrickPi need to be called by software. There are examples called “LED” in the different example software folders.

It sounds like you might have run down your batteries. Let’s take another step backwards, how are you powering the BrickPi and the Raspberry Pi?

It’s the end of Wednesday though, it sounds like you are brand new to the BrickPi and to programming. You might want to choose a simpler program than the BrickPi bookreader for your assignment if it’s due in one day. Or ask for an extension on time at this point.

I Am Powering Up Brick Pi Using Battery Pack And Rpi Using Usb Cable.

Sir I Cant Change My Assignment As It Is My Final Year Project. Can You PLease Guide Me Step By Step.

It Will Be A Huge Favour If You Just Tell Me The Way To Run A Motor And Then I’ll Understand Book Reader. What Should I Do Next ?

I Have Installed OCR And TTS Engines On Raspberry Pi And Built Full Platform Of Book REader . I’m Not Getting The Brick Pi And Motors To Run And I Have 3 Days To Make It Work.

Here is the example to test the motors: Can you try this out. Also, are you using DexterIndustries SD card or something else.


I Have Tried Out This Motor Test But No Movement. Yes I Am Using DexterIndustries SD Card With Raspbian Wheezy.

It Will Be A Huge Favour If You Sir Can Kindly Guide Me TO Run Brick Pi On Raspberry Pi As I Am Able To Run Raspberry Pi. Can You Take Me Throught Stepps To Correctly Run This Motor Test Program And How To Run In ?

First, Power your Raspberry Pi with the AA batteries and a micro USB cable. This will let the batteries last much longer, and prevent an issue of shutdown due to lower power.

Second, can you post a picture of your Raspberry Pi and BrickPi setup?

Third, can you post a screenshot of when you run the BrickPi motors? Please just run the program, then stop running the program, then post a screenshot of the output.

Thanks, John

Definitely, I Will Send All These Screenshots And Picture Of My Setup Asap. Thanks For The Help John. Its A Huge Favor And I Have Asked For An Extension I Have 2 Days For it Now.

I Have Attached My Rpi And Brick Pi System For Running A Simple Motor.
Then I Have Attached The Running Of Motor Test Program Which Does Not Effects The Motor In Any Way.

Hashim, have you checked that the communications are enabled? Can you see this howto to make sure that your serial comms are on:

What is the date of the software or image you have on the SD Card?

Yes, I Followed The Steps Of The Link You Sent And Disabled The IR Receiver, It Means That Serial Comms Are On. Right ?
The Image Date On The SD Card Is 2015.11.09.

I Didn’t Got The Specific Wires For The Motors And Customized Them In Pakistan With 6 Slots. Can That Be Of Any Problem ? As I Checked All The Wires With A Tester.

I Runned The LED Blinking Test And The LEDs On Brick Pi Blink. Can There Be A Problem With Wire ? Can I Made Them In Custom ?