Brick Pi with Raspberry Pi B+

I just got the Raspberry Pi B+ and BrickPi Advanced. The holes don’t line up. Is there a solution to this?

Ok so I kind of figured it out. The mounting holes on the case don’t work, but the lego holes can be repurposed as mounting holes. It’s not perfect.

Both stands are on one side, not diagonal. It’s secure, though. It looks fine

The lego holes are not correctly spaced apart. so if one hole aligns the other doesn’t align perfectly. I had to loosen one of the stands a bit before screwing on the board. That way, I could finagle the stand to align the stand with the screw

A few observations:

  1. you can make the B+ work with the advanced case using the Lego holes, but you absolutely should go diagonally, and it can be done. It requires the screws to be off center in the holes, but that is not a problem. In my opinion, four standoffs would be better than two, but that’s another matter. Also, be super careful that the flanges on the screws don’t damage components on the Pi B+. The flanges are too big (unless they are now supplying smaller ones), so you should check before driving them all the way in. Screws with smaller heads are available at a good hardware store, and work just fine.

  2. you can drill your own holes in the advanced case and get it to fit just right. With the right bit, this is very easy.

  3. You are way better off with the $10 B+ case for BrickPi use. It’s pretty snazzy. It has holes in the right place and also holds the BrickPi Board securely, which is a good thing. Be careful as the B+ case is a snug fit all around and there is one fragile segment that is prone to snap if you aren’t thinking about it.