Brick Pi3 failure?

I am running the new BrickPI3 with windows IOT with the EV3 set of motors and sensors.

I have been using the BrickPi3 successfully for two weeks. Today, however, after running a program that I have been using successfully for a few days, I was no longer able to direct power to the motors, despite what appeared to be successful SPI transactions with the BrickPI. A few minutes after that, the raspberry pi shut down and would not reboot successfully. I removed the BrickPI from the RaspPI board and the RapsPI rebooted fine. If I connect the BrickPI to a running RaspPI, the RaspPI shuts down. The heartbeat LED on the BrickPI continues to blink normally.

This happens whether I power the system using a 5V adapter to the RaspPI or a 10V adapter to the BrickPI.

I was able to replicate this problem on three different RaspPI boards, whihc suggests a component failure on the BrickPI board.

Are there any test procedures that I can apply to track down the issue?


Do you have the foam removed from the BrickPi’s pins? Apparently it can conduct electricity and cause problems.