BrickPi 2 vs. BrickPi 3


I purchased a BrickPi 2 a year or so ago, and since have purchased a classroom kit of the BrickPi 3. Is there any significant difference I should be aware of?

I recently configured the BrickPi 2 with an API (using Python) to allow coding the BrickPi using JavaScript/jQuery in a local browser. I am about to add the same configuration to the BrickPi 3 and wanted to double check that I wasn’t going to run into any issues.

I did install the most recent OS before I started.

There is a lot of differences. Mostly the BrickPi3 is just more improved, better performance, etc. You get the point. The difference that will probably concern you is the API is revised. So any code for the BrickPi+ (BrickPi2) will not run without modification. Does that answer your question?

On my BrickPi2.8.2, I’m running the latest version of the OS and I’m using the brickpi3 Python library and everything is working so far. Are you suggesting that my Python code will need to change if I migrate it to the BrickPi3? Even if the OS and Python library won’t change?

Or am I using the wrong Python library on my BrickPi2?

I have one of these (2.8.2):


And five of these (3.?):


You were right. Not sure how, but I ended up with two different Python libraries, one on each version of the BrickPi and my Python syntax had to be significantly different.

Thanks for your help.

You have the BrickPi3. Can you expand? It confused me that you said BrickPi 2, but it definitely is a BrickPi3. Just like windows 10 is really not windows 10. It’s all marketing.

Question related to BrickPi v3. I have 2 of the old v2.8 and two cases. Does the newer brickpi 3 and case have a slot for PiCamera? Looking at the photos I don’t see a hole in the case for the picamera ribbon cable.

I have both. I have six in total. I’m pretty sure one of them is a BrickPi2 and the others are BrickPi3s.


Here is a top view of the case:

And a slide view:

Is that slot on top (first image) or the white one on the side (second image) for the camera?

When I built the case there was a step that said when to add the camera if I had one. I just forget which hole is for the camera.

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