BrickPi 3 + Rpi 4

I want to use Rpi 4 for my project and wondering if BrickPi 3 will be compatible with it. Are they both compatible?

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I’m not sure what operating system you’re thinking of using for the BrickPi, but you have to use one based on Buster as anything earlier won’t work on the Pi-4.

Raspbian for Robots has a 12/12/2019 “experimental” version based on Buster that works just wonderfully. I am using it on my GoPiGo-3 and I believe it works on the BrickPi too.

That is the latest R4R release so far, and it works on both the Pi-4 and the Pi-3, (at least), so you won’t loose backward compatibility if you decide to go back to a Pi-3.

Let me know what you decide to do.

Hello @gargi.arya07

The brickPi3 is compatible with the Pi4.
However, as @jimrh mentionned, your OS is important.

While we have a Raspbian for Robots, Buster out and available, it will not support the Pi4 - 8G which came out afterwards. It will support other versions of the Pi4.

None of the Stretch-based options will work with a Pi4. My recommendation would be to start with whatever OS the Raspberry Pi Foundation is offering, and install the BrickPi3 libraries on it.

Use this command to install

curl -kL | bash
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Thanks @jimrh @cleoqc for excellent advise. I would go with Pi-4 -4GB and will try your suggestions with buster.

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Why not? Is the 8g that much different?

Yes, the 8G requires the newest Raspberry Pi OS and won’t boot on previous OSes.

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I’ll have to download one 'o-the latest and try to build RFR on it - once my taxes get done!