BrickPi and Raspberry Pi zero


Can I use BrickPi and Raspberry Pi zero ?

How can I connect BrickPi and Raspberry Pi zero ?

Any hints please ?

It should physically fit and the devices should be able to talk. The only problem is that our Raspbian for Robots image may not work on the Zero at this time. You will have to install all the libraries and information on the image yourself.

We would love to see how this works!

I have dummy question.

How shoud I connect raspberry PI to BrickPi.

Which pins RPI0 and BrickPI shoud I connect together ?

Where can I find BrickPI pinout ?

Marcin, not a dummy question at all. You will want to make sure the GND, 5V, 3v3, lines are connected, as well as the two serial lines and two I2C lines.

I think that’s pins 01 - 10 on the above diagram.