BrickPi+ and Sense HAT


I was thinking about putting the Sense HAT on top of the BrickPi+ to use its sensors and the LED array, but I could not gather enough information to know if it would work.

Could it work in theory? Does somebody have some experience with it?

I’m taking a shot at this, but please wait for Karan or John who know way more!

Based on this page:, the Sense Hat uses I2C with address of 46
Looking at BrickPi code, it seems to me that the EV3 ultrasonic sensor in mode US-SI-CM also uses that address.

I don’t have a BrickPi+, and I haven’t touched my BrickPi since the Kickstarter years ago, so really, I don’t really know what I’m talking about here.

szabihernyo, there should be no pin problems. The BrickPi+ uses the serial lines (the i2c addresses of the other sensors off the BrickPi are not on the I2C rails of the Raspberry Pi). However, I have one of both sitting on my desk: the SenseHat doesn’t have male headers coming out of the top, so you’ll need some male*male headers to connect the BrickPi on over the SenseHat.

Cool, thank you!