BrickPi and the new Pi 2

Hello Dexter-folks,

I’m running up and down after I heard about the new Pi 2 with sixfold speed, compared to the original Pi. Will you adapt BrickPi to the new machine?

Or will BrickPi run from the shelf with the new one?



Hey Michael! We just saw the news about the Pi2. This is really awesome news and we’re still buzzed about all the cool things we might do with it.

It looks like all the news indicates that it will work fine and be compatible. But we’ve just ordered two of them and will hopefully be able to test everything out by the end of the week and give you a definite answer.

So “Most Likely”. But we’ll definitely test by the end of the week.

It is fantastic news about the pi 2, taken a hobby computer and boshed it up the evolutionarry ladder.

I did read that the raspberry guys will have to adapt the raspian setup to take advantage of the quad arm7 features so maybe down the road some tweakes will come out.

Thank god I didnt order all the B+ pis we were considering buying, cant wait to get my hands on one :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi 2 is available to buy today from our partners element14 and RS Components. Remember you’ll need an updated NOOBS or Raspbian image including an ARMv7 kernel and modules from our downloads page

A quick update: We’ll have a blog post up tomorrow about this.

For now, you can download an updated Raspbian Image here: