BrickPi Bookread2 Help

Hello i’m Ivan and i’m working on the BrickPi Bookreader 2 project for my school exam. First of all thanks for putting on the Dexter Industries site these kind of projects because are simply awesome. But now to the point… i have a little problem because i’ve bought the BrickPi Raspberry for the project but now i don’t have idea of what LEGO pieces i need to build the structure for holding the camera and the structure for browse the book pages. If someone can send me a pieces list i would be really happy and grateful. Thanks for the support.

Hey Ivan,
That’s great! We would love to share any pictures you have of the final build! Please let us know!

This is the BrickPi Bookreader Project:

I don’t know if we ever made the lego part of the bookreader in digital format. I will look for it.

Thanks for the answer! Probably I’ll start to build and programm the Raspberry next week because I’m really busy, but for sure I’ll put images and other contents here.
If I have any questions can I ask you here?

Thanks a lot !

Hello John. I’ve just finish to build my bookreader2 but i have a problem with the program. The motors and the other parts of the project work properly so thank you. When i run the file the camera takes a photo correctly (the jpg file exists), but in the out1.txt file there’s nothing so the OCR can’t read the characters and BrickPi can’t read aloud the text. I created a file with the name out1.txt and i put it in the directory bookreader2 but maybe is this wrong? Or i’m doing other mistakes?
Thanks for the help.

Hey Ivan, great to hear that it went together ok. Sorry to hear about the troubles with OCR.

I’m wondering if you might try deleting out1.txt and see how that goes. On line 54, that’s where we’re creating the file. However, couple things might be going on.

Are you running everything with “sudo” in front of it? I think you must be to get as far as you are.

You may also want to double check that tesseract is installed on your Pi.

Take a look at this tutorial on trying out and testing tesseract:

Thanks for the answer! I was able to solve to problem yesterday so now is all ok. Now I’m trying to set the roller and the arm in a good position which is the hardest trick in the project as you said. Soon I will able to post images and features here in the forum about my project.
I will write here again if I will meet troubles.
Thank you a lot again.

Great, let us know how it goes!

I’ve almost finished my work with the bookreader2. It works well i just have to fix a bit the camera because the photos are a bit awkward but i think i can handle it. I have an other problem by the way… espeak is correctly installed, when i run a simple command like espeak “hello” it works, I can hear the sound. But when i run the program something goes wrong because i can’t hear nothing in the speakers and even if i connect a jack. Maybe i have to modify the program?

I am an engineering student doing this project for my course in Pakistan. I’m really stuck in finding the lego parts required to build the structure of this book reader.
Can you please provide me with the list of lego parts and bricks required to build this structure. It will be really helpful and relieve me from my worry.
Waiting for your positive reply.

Hi Hashim, unfortunately we never made one! I’m very sorry.
Best, John

Hi, I’m working on my book reader but I am running into an issue regarding the BrickPi and the EV3 motor. I’m trying to run the to get a my motors up and running but it doesn’t seem to respond at all. I ran the script from my pi with the right software (raspbian for robots) on it, but I keep getting line 42 error. After further research I found out the BrickPiUpdateValues() isn’t working, I tried using python and typing in step by step all the commands and printing their corresponding values, and I got -1 for BrickPiUpdateValues() which means its not updating the values. How can I solve this issue?

Are you using the BrickPi3 or the BrickPi+ for the project?