Brickpi case flaw

Just wanted to flag for you that the space for the bottom nut in the MA S1 S2 side of my new brickpi acrylic case was cut too small to accept a nut. As I don’t see other people complaining about it, I’m guessing it’s a manufacturing glitch rather than a design flaw. Still, I thought I’d flag it for your quality control folks. The hole is wide enough, but not tall enough. Happy to send photos if that is helpful.

Here’s a link to a photo: shallow nut hole. The damaged bolt hole is my doing – I tried to force the assembled nut and bolt into the hole, and the acrylic next to the bolt hole gave way.

Bummer! Sorry to see this. If you’d like a replacement case, we can send you one. Just contact us here, we can work out a way to get a replacement BrickPi+ case to you. Please be sure to past the link on the forums to your message.

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Thanks, but it’s fine as is. Looking forward to firing it up later this weekend. :slight_smile:

Bought three units for my class. All three had the same issue with the case. We squeezed them in (minor case wall cracking), and they seem to be holding.


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@alexkniffin please let us know how it goes!

I guess I’m not alone! Four cases with the same problem isn’t much, of course, but it might be worth a QC review in case this is an emergent or ongoing issue with a simple fix.

I’m closing this post; I think the problem is solved and folks keep posting other random topics in here.