BrickPi Case

I recently got a BrickPi Advanced and have started assembling it, but the RasPi that came with the kit only has one mounting hole, not two. In addition, the position of the hole doesn’t match the instructions at all. What should I do?

Hey jaia, it looks like the case is fine. Have you looked at the instructions here:


It seems like you might be trying to assemble it backwards. The Pi mounts to the case, and the Brickpi mounts to the Pi.

Yes I did, and the picture in #3 is what doesn’t fit the board. (Mine is blue with several large black ports.) Should I just move the posts?

Are you sure you’re not confusing the BrickPi and the Raspberry Pi? Just to try to clarify . . .

The board you have a picture of, that’s blue, is a BrickPi.

The board in Picture 3 on the page in the link, that’s a Raspberry Pi. If you look down to pictures 5, 6, and 7, you’ll see how the BrickPi is attached to the Raspberry Pi.

Yes, it looks like I indeed got it backwards. Sorry for the mess.