BrickPi+ did not ship with firmware

My team at Cisco purchased handful of BrickPi+ units and in at least two BrickPi+ units that I have tested, the BrickPi+ units did not appear to ship with firmware. I ran the on the units and in both instances, I received the following output:

pi@dex ~/BrickPi_Python/Sensor_Examples $ python 
Trying to communicate with firmware.
PASS: Serial line setup.
Setup sensors returns: -1
Checking Firmware Version of BrickPi.
Firmware version is: None
DOH!  Please update your firmware to run EV3 sensors!
You should be able to run NXT sensors, but not EV3 sensors.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

Hello Tuhoang,
I have a couple of quick questions:
Are you sure these are BrickPi+? Did they come with round power jacks?
Did these units come directly from us or did you purchase them from a reseller?
Do any other python scripts work, such as a motor example?

Hi John,

Yes, these are BrickPi+ boards. The labels on the bag indicates that it is and the board has barrel power jacks.

I did not purchase these, but my manager did.

None of the other sensor and motor example Python scripts work.


Hey Tuan,

If none of the other examples work, we need to write firmware again. We can exchange a replacement through our website (

Thanks Tuan, sorry about the missing firmware.