BrickPI + external sensors


could you please tell me if it is possible to connect any external (normal electronic, not Lego) sensor when using BrickPi? Or in an other form: which GPIO pins are used by BrickPi? Are there any free GPIO pins? Is it physically possible to access these pins when BrickPi connected? The idea would be to use the LEGO motors and sensors that we already have but to be able to use other sensors (or LEDs, or camera) not available at LEGO or cheaper from any other vendor.

Could you please explain me the difference between basic and advanced kit? Unfortunately it is not clear by the description…

The GPIO’s used are 14, 15, 18, and 21. All others are free. We have a pass-through header on the device, so you can access the pins if the BrickPi is placed.

The Basic v. Advanced: The only difference is that the Advanced has a much better power system that lasts for longer. I think the Basic is only available through Amazon at this point; we’re sold out and not restocking them on our website.

Hopefully that helps answer your question?

Thanks, you answered all my questions. Yes, I found Basic on Amazon.