Brickpi+ firmware

Hi BrickPiers!

I am currently using a BrickPi and considering buying a BrickPi+ to benefit the new firmware.
However I wasn’t able to find the Hardware Design of this updated board on the github repository.
Also I would like to know which firmware the BrickPi+ is using.
Is it using the firmware 2.0 from this repository?
In this case does it mean this firmware is the latest for both the BrickPi and BrickPi+?
Did I miss a separate repository for the BrickPi+?

Thank you for your help

Hello Motateko,

The latest hardware schematic is in the github repo here:

And the latest firmware is BrickPi 2.0, also located here:


Hello John,

Thank you for helping me and updating the hardware schematic in the repo.
So if I understand well, the BrickPi+ will be shipped with this BrickPi 2.0 firmware.
Will it also work with my current BrickPi board if I flash it?

Yes, it should work witht he BrickPi Advanced if you flash the new firmware.



Hi John,

Thanks for your response, I just bought the BrickPi+ :wink:
One more question, do you think it would be possible to implement the motor brake accurately by changing the firmware
or it would be necessary to modify the hardware?

Hi Motateko, I think we have a software solution for this problem, but we haven’t had a chance to work on this yet.