BrickPi+ Hardware version


I’ve just bought a BrickPi+ from your distributor RobotShop.

It says on the board that the hardware version is 2.6, however i’ve just read on the forum that theirs is version 2.8.

What are the differences, as I assumed I would be buying the latest version?



I’m starting to think that they may have meant the firmware version rather than the hardware version…

Hey dj_ollie, does the board you purchased look like this:

And does it have a round connector or square power connector?

Hi John,

It does look like the picture in the image and it does have the square power connector.

Can you post a picture? The picture I put up there has a round power connector, so yours might be different.

sorry for the confusion, mine has a round “barrel” but a square shape mould on the side like in your image.

It should have the latest firmware on it then!