BrickPi Image Problem

Got a raspberrypi for Christmas. Downloaded the NOOBS (v1.3.3) image. Flashed a SD card. Got it up and running with WIFI and everything, no problem.

Got my BrickPi this week. For convenience I also paid for a BrickPi SD card (2013.07). Looking forward to building a robot. Disappointed to find that the image on the BrickPi SD card didn’t work. All I get a a red light on the raspberry pi when it boots up with HMDI and USB keyboard.

Switched back to the NOOBS SD card, everything works again.

Downloaded the v2014.01.20 image from your web site. Checked the MD5 hash (ok). Flashed the SD card. Same problem as before.

Switched back to the NOOBS SD card, everything works again.

What’s wrong with these images?

Euphonium, sorry to hear about the problems and frustrations with the image. I’m not sure what the trouble is. If you’d like us to arrange a replacement, please contact me through our website “Contact Us” and we can try to arrange an exchange.

Question: when you re-burned the SD card you got from Dexter Industries, did you reformat the drive? What software did you use to burn the updated image?


I also noticed the exact same problem with the shipped BrickPi SD card. Even after reformatting with Win32DiskImager utility and installing the latest BrickPi image (Jan 2014), my RPI wouldn’t boot of this SD card.

I bought a new SD card, installed the BrickPi image and everything (Lego sensors and motors) work fine now except for the WiFi dongle which I also received from Dexter Industries.

Please take a deeper look at the SD card and dongle before you ship them.


Thanks for the response.

I’m running on Windows 7. I used SD Formater v4.0 [] (Panasonic & TRENDY Co) to format the Brick SD card.

I tried to use Win32 Disk Imager v0.9 to burn the image (as I did with the NOOBS SD Card), but it reported that there was not enough space. I did use it to confirm the MD5 hash (bbe4c3907a34b9f796804762885bcf6f). I had to use flashnul (flashnul-1rc1) instead:

Writing 0x561f0000 (1377 Mb), 4436289 b/s
image load finished

----------------------------------------------------------[Operation result]–
passes: 1
errors: 0
write bytes: 1444932608 (1377 Mb)
avg. write speed: 4436285 (4332 kb/s)
max/min write speed: 0 (0 b/s) / 0 (0 b/s)

It might be best to arrange an exchange. I’m not sure if you have, but Amanda can ship one out to you pronto. I’m sorry about the disapointment though.

One other option: if you want to use Noobs or one of the other images you have that’s working, you can download an install script here:


This file should make the necessary changes to your image to get you up an running with the BrickPi.

Thanks, but no need to ship me a another SD card. The shipping costs would be higher than the costs for the SD card!

I will keep your install script in mind.