BrickPi + Java in 2019 - is ev3dev my best bet?

I was very excited to get my brickpi running! So I installed Raspbian for Robots based off this chart with the hopes of then installing via the ev3dev-java installer script.

But that didn’t work at all. And now I’m bouncing over to ev3dev-stretch-rpi2-generic-2019-03-03.img. Am I missing out on cool things that Raspbian for Robots gives me? Can I install the RforR features on top of the ev3dev base layer? Are these two alternate and orthogonal systems, or am I misunderstanding the relationship?

I’m seeing if I bought the right kit. I have a BrickPi3, and a Raspberry PI 3B+ - “the latest of everything.”

I’d like to code in Java. (Well, Kotlin, but if it runs Java it can run Kotlin)
I’ve been trying to get ev3dev installed, because it provides nice sysfs files for all the sensors and motors, and supports Java. However, I’m not sure this is the correct path - it won’t even boot.

What is the easiest way to for a rpi3b+ to

  1. run Java
  2. have some sort of easy access to standard EV3 Sensors and Motors
  3. enable what the rpi provides (like WiFi and bluetooth)

Is it the BrickPi3? (hopefully yes because I already own it!)
And if yes, which OS? Thanks!